Monday, September 2, 2013

Witch House Fervor

Happy belated birthday, HP Lovecraft!

So much has been written about Lovecraft over the past 10 years, it is tough to highlight anything new.  My personal experience with Lovecraft was actually quite random.  While walking through Barnes and Nobel in college, I happened to find a book by Lovecraft in the fantasy/sci fi section.  Unlike today, there was only one anthology in stock, and I had no idea about who he was or what he wrote.  I read the back of it, purchased it, and began to read it that same night.

The first story I recall thinking "wow, this is something completed unexpected " was Dreams of the Witch House.  It really had it all : astral plane geometry, arcane New England witchcraft, Miskatonic University, a demonic, rat like "white-fanged furry thing",  ultradimensional travel, shadow people, and good old high order black magic.  And all of this was written in 1931/32.

One could argue that Lovecraft was an "experiencer" or that had tapped into some collective unconsciousness that fed him many of the ideas that are currently in fortean vogue.  It is amazing that he was able to be so ahead of the curve in terms of the ultraterrestrial experience.  Books of course have been written, theories hypothesized, and all other philosophical thought has been directed at Lovecraft and the origin of his ideas.  I personally believe he was an "experiencer" and was witness to something that influenced his mythos.  Then again, I obviously never met him nor have I read a biography on him, so I should probably hold judgement.

Now if one were to try to find such a real life "Witch House", I am sure many houses exist all over the world. My personal favorite is the Ancient Ram Inn, highlighted, of course, on my favorite ghost hunting show "Ghost Adventures".  Yes, yes...Ghost Adventures; I know, I know.  The show could be fake, could be sort of real, could be a mix of the two; I don't know.  I do sense that the key energy of the show is Nick Groff, and I do believe his ability to play out paranormal energies is legitimate.  This is just my opinion of course.  I have no idea what the truth may be, but I enjoy the show and I do hope the show's stars and experiences are genuine.

Now before you delete this blog from your blog list for mentioning Lovecraft and GA together, I do recommend you check out the Ancient Ram Inn on GA.  The episode was a book end of season 2 and I thought it was absolutely fascinating.  Witchcraft, pagan children sacrificial burials, demonic entities, elemental activity - you name it, and the Ram Inn has seen it.  Of course I'm not saying a link exists between the house and Lovecraft (or Ghost Adventures...), but experiences discussed/incurred on the episode most certainly rate with the more "highly strange".  I would recommend the short story and episode to all.  Who doesn't like a very wicked witch house?


  1. Hi Sagesigma, have you ever read any Clark Ashton Smith? I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the Ram Inn episode on the guide.

    1. I've not read any of his work but am familiar with his themes. Any chance you have a blog or recommendation detailing his ideas? Thanks for the comment bokenbree!