Wednesday, September 18, 2013


A very good friend of mine today pointed out the semantic issue with "God energy" on my most recent post: please let me reiterate.

I didn't mean to say "God energy" was the source of potential encounters in the biblical sense; I meant to put context in a sort of "cosmos energy" that could be filtered by you, me, and others in a social/biblical sense.

It isn't "God" per se, but rather an "energy" that exists in the universe that is infinite and timeless.  I have no doubt that such a thing is encyclopedic in nature.  Things before, after, and present will always record, permeate, and transmit from its origin.  The energy will be timeless, oscillating, and hinting now and forever.

So yes, clan, a quick correction on my recent post. You and things "neutral base" in chemistry will forever be appreciated.  Thanks

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