Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Chance Encounter with the Bizarre

I have mentioned before that I've never experienced an incident, high strange or otherwise, that involves ghosts, UFOs, ultraterrestrials, or Sasquatch; things that I've always wanted to experience, but have never been fortunate enough to actually encounter.  I did, however, encounter what I've always thought to be "ghouls", one evening at bar time during my college days.

The incident occurred very quickly; in retrospect, I wish that I had followed the ghouls as they walked down a sidewalk.  I did not, for fear of my safety.  Tough to know what/who they were, but they definitely left an impression on me.  So the story as I recall it -

I was waiting outside of a local college bar, at bar time, for my intoxicated friends.  As is typical at that time, tons of people stand outside the bars, continuing their conversations after having been thrown out of the taverns.  Being the designated driver that night, I was standing outside on a sidewalk, facing the bar, and having a conversation with a friend.  I was trying to keep an eye out for my friends, so while chatting, I was attempting to keep my eyes on the door of the bar in an attempt to not lose my friends.

Moving from my left to my right, I remember seeing a man and a woman; they were "younger", if that is possible, walking down the sidewalk.  As they came out of the shadows of a neighboring building, I noticed that their faces didn't look right. As a matter of fact, I thought immediately that their faces were "rotted".  They had pale complexions, sunken eyes, and almost like a "shrunken skin texture".  They obviously didn't look right to me and I recall thinking "jesus, what the hell is that?".  Almost immediately they noticed me staring at them and they both stared back at me.

I turned back to the friend I was chatting with and was trying to process what I was seeing...I was going to say something to my friend, but in my peripheral vision I could sense they were staring at me.  The two continued to stare at me as they moved through the crowd, moving from my left to right.  I pretended to "not notice them" but was keeping track of their every step.  Nobody else around me seemed to notice them; yet I did.  As the couple continued to walk down the sidewalk, they continued to stare at me.  They even began to turn their heads back at me as they passed me, keeping a constant watch on me.  I could sense it all indirectly.  I recall my thinking at the time was "well, whatever you do, don't let them know that you've seen them."  I definitely had a sense of dread and thought there could be problems if I confirmed acknowledgement of the situation.  Eventually, the couple disappeared from my view when turning the corner.

Anyway, I often think that I actually saw that night; I didn't see them again that night, nor have I ever seen anything close to their appearance since that time.  What were they?  A couple with skin issues perhaps?  Out for a late night stroll?  I would think that odd given the fact they were walking through a sea of drunk people.  I still think, that for whatever reason, I saw something that I probably shouldn't have seen.  I saw something very decrepit and rotted, but what I saw, I really have no idea.  I had not been drinking or been doing any drugs at that time of my life, so I can only imagine I either hallucinated something or seen something real.  Whatever they were, I wish them well!

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