Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Alaskan Snowstorm for an Etherian?

I am no stranger to snowstorms, and on the rare occasion, the raging blizzard.  I have little love for tons of snow having spent the majority of my life in the North, but it is something we all come to terms with.  The three other seasons make the winter endurable, right?

How much better would the winter be if you were able to spend a night with an "occupant" who was a) non threatening and b) non pervasive?  I most certainly would.

And so such a thing happened to a certain snow plow driver in Alaska a few years ago.  While working a desolate stretch of highway in Alaska during a -70 F blizzard, an Alaskan Native by the name of Ross came upon a disk shaped object with orange round lights in the middle of the highway.  Upon reaching 20 ft of the disk, Ross's truck became disabled; Ross was not able to radio his dispatcher for help and his truck's engine turned off.  The craft then turned "blinding white lights" on and the craft moved upward and out of site.

Ross, panicked, feared that his truck's engine would not turn over and he would be stranded in the blizzard, but as with many a encounter, once the craft disappeared, the truck's operations returned.  Slowing moving the truck and its plow forward, the truck then hit a bump in the road.  Ross stopped the truck, buttoned up his parka and prepared to step outside the truck's cab, expecting to find something in the road.  Instead, a hand reached up to his window and knocked on it; a second, four digit hand appeared next to it.  Ross then turned the cab's interior light on and saw a face staring back him.  The face was covered with a protective apparatus and had large, dark black eyes.  The occupant then turned back, ran from the cab and disappeared into a cover of trees along the side of the road.

Ross's initial thought was to follow suit, but knowing that leaving the safety of his truck and into the dizzying night of a blizzard was most certainly deadly, he looked forward, preparing to continue on with his route.  At that time, the occupant was standing in front of the truck, in the middle of the road.  Ross was able to ascertain the occupant was cold and that the occupant was blaming Ross for its dilemma.  Ross invited the occupant into the truck, but the occupant refused.  Ross then let the occupant know that he would not allow it to freeze to death and would not leave the area until the occupant joined him in his cab.  Suddenly, the occupant was sitting beside him, and then rode shot gun for the remainder of the route until the flying disc returned.  At that point, the occupant again transported instantly to the exterior of the truck, waived/saluted back to Ross, and disappeared into the craft.  The craft again flew away.

I read this account in Ardy Sixkiller Clarke's excellent book "Encounters with Star People : Untold Stories of American Indians".  The book retells encounters with various "beings"; some encounters are more conventional, others, like the one above, are highly strange.

So what exactly happened to Ross?  Did Ross experience an abnormal dream, hypothermia induced visions, or did he encounter an actual occupant.  The occupant's telepathic conversation and explanation that "he" and his crewmates were caught by surprise by Ross's truck, that the crew was taking "snow samples", that the crew and craft were not to interact with humans, and that the crew panicked and left the eventual shotgun riding occupant behind in mistake...these, to me anyway, are all very conventional, human type reasoning ideas.  If the occupant could move from space to space without walking, yet ran away from Ross initially, and needed a flying disk to visit earth...all of this seems highly suspicious.  What exactly did Ross (if Ross did in fact encounter "something") meet that night?  I would venture a guess that if the story is true, the occupants were not extraterrestrial, but something much more earthly.  Something akin to the fairies, elementals, and etherians that may roam the same space as we do.  Something that pretends to be here for "scientific reasons", something that pretends to be extraterrestrial and creates a story to fit that agenda.

Whatever the agenda may be, the story is absolutely fascinating.  I would recommend Clarke's book to all if you have any interest in encounters.  She has been interviewed on Binnall of America and the Paracast (if podcasts are your thing).  I do hope to explore some "agenda" ideas in the near future through this blog.


  1. I have heard several of Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke's interviews. Quite interesting.

  2. Yeah lots to possibly learn from her stories: as I said before...I win lottery and I invite all of you to figure this out.