Monday, October 29, 2012

The Randomness of the Black Lodge

Any one who has seen the television show Twin Peaks likely remembers the show very well; my brother and I became fanatics of the show and the focused, odd vision of David Lynch constrained by the parameters of a network television show.  There were of course the owls, the log lady, Special Agent Dale Cooper, and the never resolved cliff hanger highlighting an entrance to hell; the Black Lodge.

I didn't put much thought into the idea of the Black Lodge until recently. After all, as far as I could tell, the Black Lodge was just another fantastic Lynch idea put to film.  A surrealist acid vision where my favorite television hero of all time would forever be trapped.  A brilliant, but fictitious construct that likely continues to inspire countless future filmakers and writers.  How could it be anything more than that?

Yesterday I read about the The Black Lodge in a book by Allen Greenfield.  The Black Lodge apparently is not the result of an artist's imagination, but rather an object in the history of the occult. The Black Lodge, Greenfield surmises, is a "source" of an intelligent energy that exists to inhibit and hold human evolution down against a back drop of stagnant personal growth and destructive materialism.  Likewise, in direct contrast to these dark energies, a white energy type group exists to promote and energize humanity to different epochs of human development.  As Greenfield points out, should anyone come near to or in contact with the ubermensch or oneness of the universe through actualization and transcendence, The Black Lodge descends upon that person, manifesting as a man in black, the Men In Black, black magic practitioners, and temptation.  The Black Lodge attempts to confuse and distract those with insight into the "true reality of things" by intervening in that observer's life.  Opposite energies present themselves in order to distract one away from other positive, divergent energies;  that, at least, is my take on this particular chapter of Greenfield's book "The Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts".

I recently commented on how I feel that there are multiple worlds around us all at all times of lives.  I do believe that there exists objects that manifest from an energy source outside of our field of vision.  Is this energy intelligent or random?  I have no idea, but I do tend to think that the energy invades our life on a random basis and from a random origin.  Different energies probably do collide around us frequently. Whether this collision were to create a demonic, a fairy, or an alien abduction is dependent solely upon the observer and the observer's sociological/psychological perspective.  I find it too simplistic to argue that energies permeate from a "Black Lodge" and a "White Lodge.

The idea of two eternal, warring metaphysical factions warring over the human soul through the likes of Aleister Crowley, Edward Dee, Albert K Bender and others is a very romantic notion, no doubt.  Yet I would argue that randomness holds supreme reign over the universe, our perceptions of reality, and ultimately, the thing that has become you and I. 

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