Sunday, October 21, 2012

An initial post

An idea finally hit me last night; why not start a blog?  The experience felt like the beginning to a new creative life; a new place to record daily images and to permit the attempt to make sense of the images through the ideas I've been exposed to over my 36 years of life.  How much more exciting can it get than that?

Today's inaugural post includes an image that was on my wall this morning.  The image was stark; light passing through blinds and seeping onto the bedroom wall.  A wave length of light that was filtered into an image that seemed ordinary at first, but on second glance, appeared completely out of place.

John Keel, a famous ufologist from the early days of the UFO waves, wrote that energies exist outside of our visible wavelength and pass in and out of our field of visions at various points of time.  The idea spoke to an occult vision of UFOs and to other things paranormal that appear to be temporarily out of place to us, yet at the same, are familiar to us all at a very basic human conceptual level.

Do I think the image on the wall was paranormal?  Of course not. However, the otherworldly image did suggest that something so out of place was caused by something very much in place.  Why shouldn't the opposite exist? 

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