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Hatybov, Spiders, and the UFO Enigma : A Subset of the Land Management System

I'm not going to lie; I've been obsessed by the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) enigma for most of my life (at least as long as I've been able to read).  I've got a book shelf filled with Vallee, Keel, Layne, Van Tassel, and even Constable.  You start with the standard Extraterrestrial (ET) hypothesis, then move to a military-industrial hypothesis, then to a cryptoterrestrial hypothesis, then to the ultradimensional hypothesis, and then to an orgonite based sky critters theory, and back again, and still not really have any sense of what is going on. Yet they continue to be seen everyday, and no one still has any clue of what they are (or at least is not sharing information with the rest of us).

      Returning to the enigma of Hatybov/Hatibow (I use Hatibow in each post as it appears it was once his email address), and his published works on line, I would like to attempt to define UFO / UFO occupants from the Super System -> System -> Subsystem paradigm. So let’s attempt it, shall we?

The UFO Baseline

Anyone who has seen Crrow’s or Houston Skywatcher’s videos regarding UFOs are typically in awe of what is being seen; at least I am.  I’m certain there are countless other skywatching videos out there that I have not seen, but for the sake of this post, let’s assume the following characteristics are attributable to UFOs filmed by the above mentioned skywatchers :

  • Typically shadow-esque, semitransparent, or transparent craft observed
  • Orbs that are moving up / down left / right
    • In some cases shooting apparent lasers at something in atmosphere
  • Odd shaped craft that wobble across the horizon
The feedback I typically receive when I show these clips to a friend or to a coworker usually moves along this line of progression :  “’That’s just a satellite’, to ‘that’s a space ship’, to ‘that’s a plane’, to ‘that’s ‘secret’ military plane’, to maybe, just maybe, ‘is that a UFO from outer space??”  Yet I never receive a reaction to the extent of “Is that some sort of monitoring/feedback probe hovering in the atmosphere?” Perhaps that question is not meant to be asked by design.

As Hatibow states in his intro, “Horse Diploma/Modern Science vs The Concept of a New World” table in a number of articles, UFOs are defined by both perspectives as such :

Modern Science

The Concept of a New World

UFO - occasional appearance of aliens, their study engaged everyone.Soon their secret will be revealed, and their weapons will become the property of the Earth.

All terrestrial origin UFO is - equipment for monitoring the state of the environment (such as a probe).

At a very high level, it is the intent of the Super System to set start times and initiate programs to Earth.  Also of note, it is the intention of our own Super System to protect its information and physical properties from “interference from other Super Systems.”  Quite bluntly, in respect to Earth, no “extraterrestrial” is allowed to fly to Earth from some other planet or galaxy.  Any biological structures approaching our solar system will be detected and destroyed by the previously described Super System.  In essence, the infamous Spider race who settled in this solar system will allow no other alien races to interfere with Earth bound humanity. UFOs can not be defined within the construct of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis as our Spider masters have devised a system both to prevent other extraterrestrial influence and to enslave the human race for some unknown end game.  As Charles Fort once so eloquently stated in his published work “The Book of the Damned,

Would we if we could, educate and sophisticate pigs, geese, cattle? Would it be wise to establish diplomatic relations with the hen that now functions, satisfied with mere sense of achievement by way of compensation? I think we're property"

I would argue that Hatibow, too, would agree that we are property.

UFO Definition and Purpose

Hatibow defines UFOs as one of two things : A) a closed system for sustaining life or b) probes/equipment used to monitor the state of the environment.

The first type of UFO (Type I) is essentially a closed system providing life support.  If a celestial body does not allow for the formation of a living cell and a system of life support, a UFO is required to provide those attributes to that system.   By doing so, the UFO can support life by providing a unique and engineered frequency balance (ie octave generation) to the biostructures and matter within that closed system.   Examples of this type of UFO in Hatibow’s work includes: the Moon and fifteen other satellite bodies in our solar system.

The second type of UFO (Type II) defined by Hatibow is that of a UFO being a Mobile Control System.  On Earth, they serve two purposes.  UFOs that monitor the atmosphere move up to a height of 424 km and are able to form ball lighting (orbs?) through movement through our old friend the “tubes” and can increase their size up to 124 times in size.  UFOs that monitor the maritime environment allegedly have 16 bases underwater. 

In total, there are 3,264 objects on Earth.  There are 128 different types of UFOs.  Each type is designed to solve individual problems in the system and exist in the k-structure (if a UFO is removed from a k-structure, a UFO accident may happen).  As mentioned in the previous post, the Complex that controls UFOs is in the Great Lakes Region of North America.

What type of equipment does a UFO have? To add to the confusion, Hatibow mentions at one point that “some” objects are equipped with laser weapons; at another point Hatibow mentions that all UFOs have lasers.  The purpose of the laser is to provide feedback to the control centers at the appropriate grill or layer of Earth. 

Another critical piece of equipment to the UFO is the “protective field”, or camouflage, that UFO’s have.  The protective fields allow for the superposition of light, wherein the color spectrum is shifted and all colors are mixed. If any of you recall John Keel’s work regarding the transition of UFOs from the subspectrum, to the visible spectrum and back to the subspectrum, this protective field sort of makes some sense.

The type of graphs included in Keel's Operation Trojan Horse and The Eighth Tower

There is one example that Hatibow provides in respect to Type II UFOs and their purpose. The example discusses the need for civilization change on the planet, wherein type II UFOs were tasked “to destroy civilization in North Africa.” UFOs ultimately disrupted good soil into sand and created the Sahara Desert.  With no soil to plant crops, civilization ended. For whatever reason, the Supersystem and System dictated that North African civilization end; UFOs complied with the command, and the command was executed.

To summarize quickly, Type I UFOs provide for the existence of biostructures in conditions that do not naturally allow for biostructure existence.  Type II UFOs monitor the atmosphere, the water ways, receive instructions from Complexes on Earth, and provide feedback to Complexes on Earth.  When needed, Type II UFOs can assist in the engineering and destruction of Earth or civilizations on the planet.

Type I UFO Occupants

Who flies these UFOs?  Hatibow states that approximately 66% of UFOs act as piloted Mobile Control System.  UFOs with pilots are designed to perform specific tasks on our planet (as mentioned above).  The original UFO pilots were human beings with spider brains implanted into the human biologicial structure (ie the original ones/first ones/original gods?).  The UFO-naughts were then engineered into human biological structures excluding intestines, a digestive tract, and a reproductive system.  Another described pilot of UFOs is listed as being a biological structure up to 280 cm and having “8-paws”.  Is this the Spider race yet again?  This one I’m not quite able to figure out.  Let’s assume going forward that there are indeed two types of biological pilots : human being pilots and 280 cm large arachnids.

The 34% of UFOs remaining are computer UFOs.  The computer UFOs are part of the control system in way that they provide feedback to complexes around the globe.  Ireland, again mentioned in the previous post regarding Complexes, assists with monitoring and management of computer UFOs.

Location of Type II UFOs

As previously mentioned in Hatibow’s God : The Land Management System, UFOs exist on Earth at -3300 > height > -4400 meters.  UFOs are connected to one another and to other Complexes of Control on Earth through 2,200 meter diameter tubes.  The tubes create a direct link to “energy pumping structures”.   As a side note, the suspension of these tubes/wires and the energy directly tied to these interconnected tubes/wire allows for the flow of water on the face of the Earth.  Hatibow also states that there are gravitational units that direct the flow of water.  If we assume the Moon is truly a façade, and the Lunar Wave a transmission of information to Earth, then the problem regarding oceanic waves is solved.  The Moon does not create tides; the interweaving tubes, wires, and associated fields of energy below the surface create the movement of water on the face of the Earth.

Another interesting note on the location of UFOs as provided by Hatibow relates to crop circles.  As all UFOs originate from below Earth’s surface, the UFO is either below an occupied space or below a residential/city dwelling.  When a UFO is called on to rise from below the ground, the frequencies and octaves needed to move the UFO from below ground to atmosphere manifest as circles.  If the UFO is below a field of wheat or other crop, a crop circle forms.  If a UFO manifests below a residence, the circle is still created, but is not as likely to be noticed by the inhabitants of the residence.  Anything from internet disruption to building destruction could be caused by the activation of a UFO. If one were to extrapolate this idea out even further, we are suddenly in the arena of ley lines, poltergeists, and other psychical phenomenon associated with the concept of "zero point energy."

Fuel Source of UFOs (or Tritium)

As previously mentioned, Tritium exists in Layer II or the hydro acoustic layer of our planet.  Let’s get the scientific definition out of the way first :

Tritium 3 H - radioactive radionuclide superheavy hydrogen with mass number 3. T 1/2 = 12.35 years. Under normal conditions, tritium - gas, t m = -252.52 0 C. In combination with oxygen forms a super-heavy water, tritium T 3

Naturally forming tritium is, per Wikipedia, extremely rare on Earth.  In our society, tritium is used to create atomic weaponry, and due to atomic weapon testing, has fallen into the world’s ocean waterways and can act as a “tracer” for different populations in Earth's various systems (not Hatibow systems, but biological and environmental systems).

Hatibow, naturally, would argue against the Wikipedia definition.  Tritium, in reality, is: 
  • Is not infinite in quantity
  • Is inherently part of water on the planet Earth (both fresh and sea water)
  • Distilled through the use of special installations, or generators in the System with the use of water
    • Tritium is create through (I think) a reverse osmosis style process, wherein water is recycled or reduced in some format, and tritium is retrieved
  • Water has specific gravity of 1 g / cm 3 at rest; when tritium is removed from water, water has a reduced specific gravity of .77 g / cm 3
  • Is the necessary life force for brains of all genotypes
    • Tritium in water restores the frequencies of the brain
  • Stored on satellites within the Super System in order to provide fuel for long distance space travel
  • And, in the case of the subject of this post, the fuel source for UFOs on the planet Earth
 As with most of modern science from Hatibow’s perspective, the current understanding of tritium is incorrect.  Hatibow states that tritium’s true structure and properties are not known by modern academia. 

Movement of Type I UFOs

A Type II UFO is able to travel one of two ways.  For deep space travel, a Type II UFO needs the safety of a closed system Type I UFO for interstellar travel.  Once the Type I UFO is anchored to the appropriate planet with the use of a gravitational tube, the Type II UFO can use the “tube” for safe travel to and from the Supersystem to the System.

Once a UFO is embedded into Layer 4 of the Earth’s System, a different mode of transportation is required.  The ultimate goal of a Type I UFO is to lift off, perform a requested task, and return to below the Earth’s surface.  The basics of movement are essentially as follows :

  • A “rise” command is executed from one or multiple Earth Complexes
  • The UFO forms a conical path or array of travel to the atmosphere, wherein frequencies are generated
  • UFOs traverse to atmosphere either electronically or magnetically (50 or 60 octave, respectively)
  • Tubes are formed on the surface of the ground
    • UFOs discharge from tubes in form of ball lighting (again, orbs?)
    • Tube creation and UFO discharge generates a sulfur smell
  • The process takes 12 days for the UFO to move below ground to atmosphere
This part is very tricky to work through.  There is a lot of mathematics, octaves, k-structures, tubes, and other esoteric ideas embedded in Hatibow’s Ufology segment.  Yet I think at the end of it all, Hatibow is essentially stating that these UFOs modify their matter through the use of octaves, pass through the layers and lattices of other masses of the Earth as an object with no Neinertsionnaya weight, modify form in atmosphere my returning to a Neinertsionna weight generating mass, perform the requested tasks, then move back to a non matter object and return to their starting point.  This is touched on in respect to crop circles, and if I read Hatibow's work correctly, explains why crop circles occur in the same spots on the planet repeatedly.

I’m not 100% certain on this translation or understanding, but it makes some sense to me given the parameters and inputs of his work in context to the larger body of knowledge.  For everyone’s reference, the majority of this exists in the article “And UFO Also”.

An Example of UFOs on the Moon and the Moon

A great example of both types of UFOs in existence and working in parallel is described in Hatibow’s Moon Objects paragraph, one of my favorite passages of his work.  I’d paraphrase, but the translation is too good to pass up :

All the "lunatics" are inside the moon. The atmosphere of the moon is only necessary for the control and the existence of this atmosphere without protection is impossible.  To control the surface and atmosphere of the moon has its own objects (UFOs). It is - mostly machines, but some of them manned.  Maximum lift height is less than 2 km from the surface. "Sleepwalkers" is not intended for life on Earth, they have plenty of comfortable conditions for work and leisure. Total lunar object 242 (36 types), 16 of them manned. Similar facilities are available on some satellites (and on Phobos, too).


So where does this segment leave us in respect to the Hatibow Hypothesis? (if anyone makes t-shirts with that slogan, please don’t forget about me!)  UFOs, as defined by Hatibow’s paradigm, fit surprisingly well with the some key points to existing UFO lore.  You’ve got : 
  • Human being UFO occupants accounted for
  • Shape shifting/growing anomalous Orbs accounted for (UFOs/fae lights/ghost lights)
  • Color changing/color bending UFOs accounted for (the material of John Keel)
  • Teleporting UFOs accounted for
  • Shadowships as observed by Crrow777 and Houston Skywatch accounted for
  • Underwater UFOs accounted for (Ivan T Anderson stuff)
  • Underground UFO bases accounted for
  • Ley Lines and possible psychical activity associated with UFOs accounted for
  • Occult/vibration based hypotheses of UFOs accounted for
As for your prototypical UFO occupant such as the Grey, or any other number of non humanoid looking UFO pilots, where would they fit in respect to Hatibow’s work?  There is really no mention of a “Grey” (as far as I can tell).  If one were to be speculative, one could argue that the before mentioned arachnid pilot could, in theory, require a “space suit”.  Hatibow explicitly states that no human being will ever see a Spider exit a UFO.  What if that space suit were that of the Grey?  Author / researcher Nigel Kerner did touch on this concept of space suit in his book “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls” (forgive me Nigel, I did not finish your book).  Is that a possible solution?  I know I’m reaching here, but hey, that’s what blogging is all about! 

Either way, the UFO is a critical part of the alleged Land Management System placed on Earth.  As with all things Hatibow, one could argue this is pure science fiction or pure systematic control of the Earth and its residents.  Did Hatibow have a fantastic knowledge base of the fortean world, and utilized UFOs and octaves as a sort of "unified field theory" to account for a majority of fortean phenomena?  Or is the activating of a Type II UFO ultimately responsible for fairy sightings, UFO sightings, and other paranormal experiences?   At the end of the day, the next time Crrow or Houston Skywatchers upload a video with an orb or a shadowship, I personally will rule out the idea that ET has come to visit Earth.  Instead, I may very well wonder what exactly has changed in respect to our System’s parameters, or what has challenged an existing order from the Super System, and wonder who or what exactly the corrective action will be focused on.


  1. Do u think the Barabashek entity can be the pilots of crop circle orbs?

    I mean did Hatibow talk about the Barabashek elsewhere?

  2. -

    This is what I read on all of this - the crop circle isn't a creation of a Barabashek entity; the crop circle is allegedly the result of a UFO being activated and moved to the surface. A Type II UFO looks like an orb when it is discharged into atmosphere (but is still piloted by either a human looking occupant, a spider occupant, or a computer.) Sorry if I added confusion to that!

    I would like to get a Barabashek article together...again, a Barabashek appears to be a Type I humanoid (ghosts, goblins,etc). There is mention at other times of this humanoid, but I've yet to attempt to summarize.

    Thanks for question! Hopefully this addresses your question? If not, please let me know.

  3. You don t add any confusion, i just want to know more one the Barabashek in the hatybow works, and it will be wonderful if you could put down an article on those entities.

    By the way another question:
    In the analysis of the hatybow works due che mention if the human orbs pilots are aware ? i mean are humans with the brain co trolled by the aliens spiders, or humans that know they work for the aliens invadere dark agenda?

    Thanx for the reply and sorry for my english.....

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  8. "The religious are the firsts that not belief in God, thus the Inquisition, thus they abuse of the innocents, thus they mislead to the foolish and thus they buy to the folks (Galileo Galilei)"... IT´S TRUTH THAT RELIGION IS LIE, and now repeat

  9. "The religious are the firsts that not belief in God, thus the Inquisition, thus they abuse of the innocents, thus they mislead to the foolish and thus they buy to the folks (Galileo Galilei)"... IT´S TRUTH THAT RELIGION IS LIE, and now repeat

  10. Ive been listening to all of Crrows interviews on THC including the one with yourself. It is very interesting stuff and difficult to wrap ones head around. One point I would like to make in respect of this post is that it doesnt do Hatybov any favours to bring in crop formations. Whatever one wishes to believe, these are all man made with the possible exception of simple solo circles. Maybe Hatybov was writing when there were only the "singletons" appearing circ 1980's? I have been looking at the crop formations since the early 90's and like the original researcher Colin Andrews and later ones such as Rob Buckle I now know that they are all man made hence the die off of them in the UK the last 2 years. that said, I appreciate your efforts and glad that I found your site via the THC interview.

    1. Thanks +Fox for the comment; tough to say why the Hatibov material was unique in bringing up Crop Circles in respect to the "launch" of terrestrial UFOs below the Earth. As with most of his stuff, it skips around and takes some time to connect the dots. I did want to include in the UFO article to attempt to present a complete pictures...of course, what the complete picture is still anyone's guess. Thanks again for the comment - and yes, I do enjoy the work of Colin Andrews too! Always good work from him

  11. Where is the original "Hattybov" work of which you speak?