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Хатыбова Александра Михайловича : A Brief Biography of Alexander Mikhailovich Hatybova

Александра Михайловича Хатыбова
Alexander Mikhalyovich Hatybova

Who exactly is Alexander Mikhalyovich Hatybova?  The alleged Soviet scientist’s background, who’s work has recently been brought up in connection with the Lunar Wave phenomenon caught by multiple skywatchers of late (notably, Crrow777), is as spotty as his published works.  Was he a Cold War Soviet Tesla type, an obscure sci fi/horror writer, a Russian mystic, or something more?  Did he even exist, or is Hatybov the machination of some type of misinformation campaign? 

Hopefully readers of this post have been able to read my three previous articles attempting to put some perspective on the works of Hatybov.  His work is tedious; Hatybov’s available works are fragmented, translated, extremely specific at times, and very, very dense.  Yet the results of taking the time to work through his hypothesis are rewarding; at the end of the day, this is either a very beautiful, complex, and tragic science fiction fantasy, or a very beautiful, complex, and tragic mathematical proof driving the essence of human existence.

Like his published work, biographical details too are very spotty on line.  I have been able to piece some information together, and in attempt to put some humanization on the enigma that is Hatybov, I have put a brief biography together, as best as possible.

Formative Years

Hatybov was born on February 9, 1945 in Cherpanova of the Novosibirsk Region of the West Siberian Plain.  No detail regarding his birth parents, possible siblings, or early schooling has been located by this author.

Hatybov then went on to attend the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and graduated in 1969.  He received degrees in the following areas of research :

  • Mathematics
    • Notably linear algebra
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Celestial Mechanics

It is noted that Nikolai Morozov, or Никола́й Алекса́ндрович Моро́зов (photographed above), was very influential to thinking of Hatybov.  Morozov lived from 1854 – 1946, and from some accounts, even fought in WWII wherein he acted as a sniper in a battle against the Nazis on the Eastern Front.  Morozov was a Russian Revolutionary who later turned his attention towards the study of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and history.  Hatybov looked to Morozov as mentor, and fount many of Morozov's ideas critical to his own philosophy.


Over the course of his career, it appears that Hatybov became an expert in “difficult” well and drilling engineering.  During the early part of 1985, it appears that Hatybov was working for the Oil Institute in Samara.  At that time, he allegedly, more or less, went on strike due to some potential wage payment issues with his employer.  It was during this time of “strike”, Hatybov used the Institute’s computer Kuybyshevneft; a Kuybyshevneft processing unit apparently is associated with the exploration and development of petroleum and natural gas from the little I can gleam online.  It was at this point of Hatybov’s life that he allegedly discovered and decoded a “very special program” attached to our world.  Of special note, there is mention at this point that Hatybov’s special discovery was recorded and explained on audio cassettes, in English, and sold at Soviet markets.  In April 1985, Hatybov was appointed deputy director of of private institute in Kiev (possibly a Chernobyl secret institute researching the development of pyschotronic weapons); however, in late April , he was moved to Moscow due to the urgency regarding the need to develop Soviet military technology .

Of special interest in the research, there is mention in another piece on line entitled “Chronicle Exemption Ebrov”, that states that during October 1985 :

“Start destruction of interventionist systems was initiated in October 1985.” 

The exact date of this Hatybov interference regiment was 10.25.1985.

It is interesting that a number of different articles and brief biographies attach the year 1985 to something very important in the alleged Soviet scientist’s life.  Is this the year that Hatybov allegedly discovered the current Land Management System of this planet and attempted to distrupt the system?  There is discussion on line that Hatybov was able to create a two way channel of communication with the existing Super System and System in place on this planet. 

Post - 1985

Once moved to Moscow, Hatybow’s lifework because deeply critical to the success of the Soviet pyschotronic weaponry.  He generated papers on Mathematics in Real Time, Synergetics, and Cold-Plasma Synthesis.  All of this research was utilized by the Soviet military industrial complex in the creation of high tech strategic weapons. References are made to the fact that he worked a scientist by the name of Deyev, and after Deyev’s death, he founded a laboratory called the “Rhythm Foundation”, wherein progress was made on the Theory of Branching systems (side note below).

    • Branching Theory : the use of probability theory to determine future generations of a population set
      • In theory, it attempts to define the # of generations required before ultimate extinction of the population occurs

There is also discussion of his ability to solve the “traveling salesman problem”.  As one article states, Hatybov was “a mathematician from God”, and worked for a Soviet think tank known as ANT.  Other references refer to his ability to solve computer programming issues, creating processing units able to performed trillions of operation per second.

Numerous sites also make mention that the following studies were published by Hatybov, but are no longer available to the public :

·         8 Volumes on Cold Fusion
·         The Philosophy of Mathematics
·         4 Volumes on the application of the Golden Section (Golden Ratio)

    • Includes the herbal function of the golden section and prime numbers as the basis to the formation of living cells
·         6 Volumes on the Instruction of of the Bannomu case (not sure on this translation)
·         3 Volumes on the Management System

It is speculated that over 16,500 pages of published works were in existence; the vast majority of works are speculated to be held by a certain group of esoteric religious origins.

As it is, that is the extent of information I have been able to find on-line at this time.  Alexander Mikhalyovich Hatybova died on March 18, 2012.  There is an allegation on line that Hatybov was murdered, similar to another Russian thinker/individual by the name of Nicolai Levashov / Никола́й Ви́кторович Левашо́в.  I am not able to find confirmation at this time that such an accusation is true.

So where does that leave us?  Did he exist?  Was he truly a Soviet scientist?  Through some research on line, one is left with the impression that Hatybov not only discovered the current System of Land Management, but that he was able to disrupt it and the negative alien influence on our planet.  His name is apparently attached to Russian documentaries in respect to aliens, and Russian research societies such as The Research Institute Center of Preventative Strategies adore his work.  Yet at the end of the day, the Web does not reveal much in the way of who he was or what exactly he accomplished.

Of thanks - I would like to include the name Александр Афанасенко to this post as a point of credit.  The majority of information regarding Hatybov appears to have been summarized by this individual.  My hope is that this brief biography garners attention in other parts of the world, and that more communication and research is generated by this blog post.  

If anyone out there has more information regarding Хатыбова Александра Михайловича, please let me know!  If anyone out there has cassette tapes yet from the 80's, also please let me know!  I believe there is much value in his work and much to be learned of his philosophy.

To keep the momentum going, my next post will dig into humanity's prehistory.  


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