Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Arachnid Brain, Eternity, and Reincarnation with Master Card : Mass Extinction for the Rest of Us

File:A giant spider catching people Wellcome V0050571.jpg


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  2. Damn you can't imagine my face when i saw the first image of this article.... italian redcross and the giant spider??? woa.....

    I need to read this article slow and deep....

    By the way nice work!

  3. Great research and presentation of this extremely odd saga again ,sir
    - thanks yet again for your sterling hard work that would be beyond many others
    Just a quick initial point of note with some relevance maybe or not ;-
    Tony Blair the slimy criminal ex Prime Minister of britain converted to catholicism in 2007. . .hmmm
    Keep up the great work please sir - its great that people like you are doing this sort of stuff

  4. Always amazing research. Good job

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  6. Hello I've just fallen on this article amazing! I will read it long and slow tonight, in the meantime I wrote this Three days ago and i'm trying to say the same thing with the help of others ideas! I feel this so much Thank you !!!

  7. WOW! This makes me wonder, where is the Creator in all this? why did we come here? Where is the soul? Do we just think WTF and keep doing what we are doing. or Is there something missing? I think it's the "god" particle with in that is within us all.