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The Great Interventionist Program Begins - Hatybov, Human Experimentation, and Object Type 440

The next phase of this blog is to look into the critical transition from 17304 BC to 1605 BC, or the “Age of the Creation of the Shirt”.   The material directly related to Hatybov is very, very limited in respect to this stage of Earth civilization post-Ebrov intervention.  Instead, I have had to make the following assumption regarding materials discussing this time period: a group of Russian researchers have or did have access to additional Hatybov material that is currently not available or published online, and they have attempted to present it as best as possible through an assortment of various posts, articles, and other entries online (and in the Russian language).  In turn, I'm attempting to summarize the information as best as I can for the English reading population for review, feedback, and critique.  

This is a critical gap in the direct Hatybov material, wherein Hatybov talks about the original interference created by the Ebrovskoy (Ebrov) Cluster System, and later discusses the importance of the genotype.  The period of history, from what I can gather on line through various webpage details and links, is the period that connects the Ebrov attack on Earth and the formation of Genotype 421. 

So please let me start by briefly catching everyone up to this point in time (see Part 1 for more info:)
  • The Ebrovskoy Civilization Cluster has destroyed Phaeton, a unique part of the Earth Civilization Cluster Super system
  • The Ebrovskoy Civilization Cluster has destroyed all life on Mars and Earth, as well discontinue life support systems on other planets of our Solar System
  • The Ebrovskoy have implemented the Planet Sun and the Lunar Moon as new components of the Ebrov Super system
  • The Ebrov begins to implement a new Land Management System on Earth

The Hatybov mythos now moves into the time period of 17304 BC – 1605 BC, or better known in the Ebrov system, the era of the “Creation of the Shirt.” The shirt, as best described by the research, is the “flesh jacket” or “human appearance” of the arachnid brain.  There are essentially Four Epochs of Violent Civilization attempted, wherein each epoch represents the Ebrovskoy forced convergence of the arachnid brain with the human body. A successful implementation does eventually take place, but only after many trials, deaths, modifications to system controls, and changes to the planet occur over this 16000 year time period.
A few basic definitions to start with:

Ebrovskoy Cluster/Species/System / Эбровской Системы Управления: A dying civilization of lower intelligent Spider life forms hailing from the plant Sur 4 of the Ursa Major Constellation System

Sur 4 resides near Megrez in Ursa Major

Object 440 / Объект тип 440: A special object of the system; a type I/II UFO that is plasmoid in nature.  Consistent with other Hatybov material, there is quite a bit of detail related to Object Type 440.  The idea of the Object Type 440 is that of a multiple functioning UFO.  It has the ability to trap and sustain life energies, travel to and from the Earth to the Lunar Moon, and dictate behavior in proto type life forms.  

Let’s begin!

The First Epoch of the Conditional/Violent Civilization – 17304 BC -> 13344 BC

Upon takeover of the planet Earth, the first order of business of the Ebrov was to shut down and destroy existing systems of complexes and control on the planet Earth due to unfamiliarity of the previous management systems origins and construction.  In an effort to join the “higher species of cosmic life” and survive as a species, the Ebrov, not able to evolve into the a higher life form independently due to the fact that their brains exist at the 31 Octave, have captured the “essence” or energy of previous human beings on planet Earth with brains existing in the 96 – 124 Octave range, and physical forms existing in the 32 – 72 Octave range.  Humans cease to exist on a physical plane; the energies or souls (for a lack of a better world) are imprisoned.  The energies of this target population are kept in Objects Type 440.

The Ebrov begin to then prime the planet Earth to be hospitable for the spider biological entity.  It is at this stage that the Ebrov begin the creation of their “water type”; water which is rich with tritium.  Upon creation of this new water source, sand is a byproduct.  It is interesting to note that the surface level of the Earth at this time is -4300 meters below the current sea level.  The Ebrov, having destroyed and halted previous complexes of control, begin to place own control apparatus at -4300 meters and being to fill over the units with magma in order to prevent future human destruction of the control complexes.  The Ebrov then convert the Earth’s atmosphere to an Oxygen/Chlorine mix in order to survive as a biological entity.

The first test phase of human biological experimentation begins with 2%, or 17-20 million people of the population captured in Type 440 Objects.  The first humanoids are 1.88 meters in height (versus Ebrov Spiders who measure 2.5 – 4.0 meters in height); they carry limited metabolic processes, the ability to breath the new atmosphere, and are able to survive the habitat of the new land management system on Earth.  This human brain is engineered to begin this stage of creation at the 31 Octave (again, this differs drastically from the original 96 – 124 Octave range).  Humans have limited capacity for logic and reason, as well as limited perception the physical reality around them.

At the conclusion of 3,690 years, the First Age collapses upon itself as the human species and other forms of life are built on Ebrov violence and parasitism.  The First Age is “ruthlessly” destroyed with in a two day period in the year 13954 BC.

The Second Epoch of the Conditional/Violent Civilization – 13344 BC -> 10804 BC

A second generation of humanoids are now engineered under the guise of the "Energobiogenezisa cells of the flesh”; the Ebrov, realizing the spider flesh is weak in comparison to human flesh, center new humanoid structures around the original flesh of human beings (pre-Ebrov intervention).

The second phase of human biological experimentation begins with 21%, or 200 million people.  In order to advance the functionality of the human species, and to merge the lower Octave arachnid brain with the human body, Object Types 440 are utilized to control the test population.  Emphasis is also given to extending the biological life of humans to a life span greater than 18 – 22 years of age, transforming the human metabolic system to depend on carnivorous diets, and given to the manipulation of Ebrov water density and frequency characteristics to support human life with brains operating at a lower Octave.

The Ebrov raise the surface level of the Earth from -4300 meters to -3000 meters, which in turn creates more land on the face of the Earth.  The Ebrov also successfully synthesize a pre Ebrov / post Ebrov system type flora and fauna system, and additional land area allows for fauna and flora to develop and grow.  This achievement allows for the sustenance and survival of primitive social structures and orders of the Second Age.  Pyramids are also placed on the Earth and filled with sand (I think that these pyramids are essentially mountains covered with dirt, but not 100% sure on that). 

Again, the synthesis of the arachnid brain and the human body is not completely successful; extermination of all experimental beings occurred in the year 10804 BC

The Third Epoch of the Conditional/Violent Civilization – 10804 BC -> 6234BC

The third phase of human testing now utilizes another 20% of the captive population.  New human test subjects are now equipped with better metabolic processes, a digestive system able to consume raw meat, and a “brain atmosphere” that is beginning to operate independently of Type 440 Object controls.  Once again, the complete assimilation of Ebrov brains and human physical bodies is not successful, and all test subjects are terminated.

It is after this third extermination that the Ebrov fill the Earth’s surface from -3000 meters to -1200 meters.  On this new surface, the Ebrov lay down an 86400000 “power pole direction of the tire” (I’m not sure what the means).  Also, all planted and managing complexes are connected through an energy grid, and all software features are fine tuned to begin start up of a Fourth Stage of Civilization.  Upon completion of this task, the Ebrov now raise the surface level of Earth from -1200 meters to -100 meters, and commence the “Great Flood”, wherein 1500 meters of rain flooded down on the face of the Earth.  The “Great Flood” generated three results: the transformation of the Earth’s surface to something we recognize today; the creation of bodies of salt water; and the removal of the physical consequences of human experimentation to that point in time.

The Fourth Epoch of the Conditional/Violent Civilization – 6234 BC -> 1605 BC

The Ebrov have finally moved the final stage of human experimentation.  It is suggested that by mid September 3761 (again, the specificity), the appearance of humans was successfully finalized and provides the basis of “the image and likeness of the God” per the Bible and other myths/legends.  Approximately 250 years later, “tents” of this Fourth Stage of humanity begin to take shape on the planet Earth.  A “tent”, as best as can be described by this author, is a rudimentary clump or cluster of people who share a common language, common values, and common conditions of the environment.  Object Type 440’s, although not as critical in directing human activity. begin to assist human definitions in respect to finding shelter, food, and safe recreation.  The Object Type 440s are also instrumental in beginning to provide the human species the ability for logical/critical thought, the ability to send and receive information through conscious speech, and the ability to observe reality as dictated by the Land Management System.

Also of interest, the Mayan Civilization is mentioned at this point.  The Mayan Civilization, per the literature, was a special Ebrov experiment loaded to the control complexes of the Andes Mountains.  The Mayans were used to test individual mantissas, or fractions, of future base genotypes needed in the future.

No mention could be found that this phase of humanity was ultimately killed off.  As the Ebrov brain has yet to be fully implanted in the human body, I would gather that this group is also ultimately destroyed.  One interesting point an author mentions on one Russian text is that level of ignorance on the part of the Ebrovskoy in understanding the living cell over this 16000 year period “all ended in failure, and the skeletons of various horrific creatures and their experiments are still found.” 


An alleged Object Type 440

Again, at the end of the day, you can sense the overriding logic of this history and mythos.  You have a parasitic species (the Ebrovskoy) of life form that exists at a lower form of frequency (Octave); that parasitic species targets another species that exists at a higher form of life frequency (human beings).  Due to the violent nature of the parasite, it forces its will and way onto a virtuous species of life.  As the parasitic species is not able to understand the previous controls in place dictating the virtuous life forms, it destroys everything.  The parasite species then begins to rebuild and engineer a new existence based on a lower thought form; using the energy forms of the higher species, and using cold, hard scientific methodologies, attempts to evolve the parasitic brain, forcibly, into a much desired goal: higher cosmic consciousness.  Due to the arrogance and inability of the parasites to understand what existed before their interference, it spends 16000 years creating, manipulating, and destroying our ancestors and the Land Management System in an effort to successfully move the parasitic brain to the host biological entity.

As always with this research, the gaps are large and the missing pieces impossible to find on line.  I’ve attempted to summarize as best as I can on the subject matter at hand.  As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions, need further explanation, or have insight that I do not have. 

Up next, a discussion on the success of the Ebrov to merge the arachnid brain with the humanoid, and the beginning of the fabled Genotypes.


  1. Wow - yet again a fantastic and intriguing chunk of information
    Thanks for all the hard efforts that you are doing to get this data out to a wider audience - its much appreciated - and Im sure holds great significance in the future

  2. Thanks much flames - it is a lot of info to sort through, but it does tend to paint a higher arching story (at least I think so)

  3. The object 440 is very interesting, I hope there is more info about.

    This multipurpose ufo object looks to be the keystone for understanding the Ebrov/spiders technology.

    1. Hello again
      Here is more info on Object 440 :

      There is a lot of technical detail and I may need to post something else in context to everything else. If you see anything of value in that link let me know

    2. Object 440 is very interesting indeed. The fact that it is mentioned to be a plasmoid and a control mechanism very much in line with what is being said of Saturn, that is the control center for this holographic reality, reminds me of Norman Bergrun's work "The Ringmakers of Saturn". He talks about electromagnetic vehicles (EMVs), or plasmoids, that seem to be "making" or "mining" Saturn's rings. This also ties in with several observations of UFOs on Earth that do not behave as rigid objects, but as plasma in the sense that they undergo deformations and also seem to merge and then divide again. Thanks for the interesting read, James!

  4. Masterful job my friend. Just wow! I hope we are able to someday discover if this is the most intricate scifi ever written or if it has some "real" bearing on our world. With the lunar wave parallels I find it hard to look away but at the same time what the hell do we do with spiders? Perhaps Bowie or the constant arachnid subtext of movies will give us an unrelated clue. Cheers, and once again your translation and presentation are simply amazing. I cannot look away...........

    1. Thanks +Crrow777! - much more to come in respect to genotypes and the overall time line. Then time to truly analyze the math of Hatybov

  5. By the way, as I told you before I just left the Upper Peninsula of Lake Michigan. I can confirm from first hand observation that the air space over the great lakes is the most active UFO area I have ever witnessed which confirms the Hatybov assertion regarding terrestrial UFOs. We cannot confirm much about what this man has given us but the things I can authenticate (lunar wave, UFO activity) are a 100 percent so far. It would be interesting to make a list of things we can try to vet from his research and then contact folks in those areas or go look first hand.

    1. That is very interesting regarding the UP. As I told Houston Skywatch, all of this information being delivered to the public is bringing a small group of independent, critical thinking researchers to the table. I'm extremely excited to be part of it, and have you to thank for it. A list pf data to vet is something I think is possible in the short term foreseeable future and will keep you posted.

  6. the mention of tritium made the hair on the back of my head stand up... tritium, is being released into the pacific ocean as well as the air currents daily (400,000 gal to 1,000,000 gal /day for over 1660 days as of 8/18/2015) (since 3/11/11), from the ongoing releases from fukushima-daiichi nuclear power plant which are by no means "shut down" and who even TEPCO who runs the plants even admit that "no technology exists to shut them down".
    2 links i am sending. the first is the russians who think they have designed a way to remove tritium from water and the second is on the dangers of radioactive tritium in our lives.

  7. just wanted to add, that one of the decay "daughters" of tritium is H3 helium 3 which from what ive read is abundant on the moon, but not so much on earth. now, dont quote me on this next one, but i think i remember john lear giving an interview on project camelot once about the mining on the moon of H3. i know i once found a link to General Electric investing in H3 moon mining, but that link i have never found again, (about a year and a half ago, now being 8/20/15) just adding that as a possible lead to more info, really don't know if it will help or not.

  8. The round object in the pic reminds me of the sphere at Epcot center.....

  9. Do you guys think that this has anything to do with the Black Knight Decoded (by pepsi)?

  10. Hello. Have you spoken to Harald Kautz Vella or Alfred Webre about any of this research?

    1. I have not, but i am familiar with the parallels to AI/interventionist alien species that is feature in all parties work. Would you have a good reference point (preferably something in print online) that moves through Webre's information? thanks!