Sunday, January 11, 2015

Monty Python (It Isn't)


It isn't.


I have no idea what Galavant is, but my wife mentioned tonight while watching a  DVR recorded show "Galavant" that the show is like Monty Python.  And  I watched it.

Good god, no, it isn't.  Not even close.

As much as Eric Idle has sold out in the past few years, I still respect this guy as he is partially responsible for the Rutles and "Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink".  Galavant, he isn't...

Idle and company was responsible for cutting edge humor that could take on any SNL skit any year of any generation.  You take any skit from the early Python 70's and it hits on the bourgeoisie, the elite, and the ruling class.  Now Python is "Galavant", and that is a huge disservice to the youth watching cable and reading published print today.

My father is a simple guy...he worked hard, watched a lot of sports, and tried to get me and my brother into programs he though worthwhile.  Yet despite his blue color background, he showed me and my brother Monty Python on PBS when we were young in the early 80's.  We saw a clown painted prime minister elective winning a UK election, we saw a tax funded ministry of absurd walking down the street.  All very good and to the throat...and now apparently Python is on mainstream cable today.  No, it isn't.

So, a word of warning. "Galavant" is not Python...Python is something bigger and better than anything that EW or ABC  anything on mass media advertises. And if you give it a year, Python could be potentially Galvanized by season end with the current publicity.  And that, my friends, is a pathetic testament to the state of current programming.

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