Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top Five Scenarios of Alien Visitation

One of my favorite past times on Amazon's Kindle shop is to browse the bargain bin eBook section relating to topics that include occultism, conspiracies, and the paranormal.  You can always count on interesting radical thinking, zero editor oversight, and plenty of grammatical errors to provide for hours of reading entertainment. One only needs a kindle or a kindle app to open the doorway to a bizarre literary universe for typically $l or less per read.

Not all eBooks, however, are created equally.  I recently discovered a copy of David Barker's "Scenarios of Alien Visitation", and was instantly hooked by the author's concise style of writing and management of the topics at hand.  Baker doesn't pretend to generate any new theories regarding the origin of UFOs, but states the ideas in his book "have been absorbed from the UFO literature." The book is definitely an underground gem in the world in ufological studies and I recommend it to everyone interested in the field and who would enjoy a high level summary of ufo origin theories. So without further ado, I'd like to highlight my top five favorite personal summaries of the book, that, in my opinion, are the most probabilistic solutions to the question : what are UFOS and where do they come from?

  1. Tourists - UFO visitations include a host of varied aliens, ranging from the benign through the malevolent in nature.  The aliens may know that we will/did die a mass suicide as a race and have an interest in our planet as only a sight seeing experience.  Barker summarizes two types of alien tourists:
    • Sane/moral "tourists": these tourists hold to a code of no interference with our planet and adhere to a "look don't touch" principle.  Sane/moral aliens impart marginal intervention with our fellow humankind.
    • Amoral/mad "tourists": these tourists look at humans as game.  Earth is more or less an amusement zone to these tourists, wherein anything goes.  This type of tourist enjoys toying with our collective minds, manipulating our societies, inflicting pain and torture on individuals and groups, and taking sadistic delight in our pain, fright and confusion.  In this sense, aliens are not far removed from us.  I would only include to this train of thought the idea that amoral/mad tourists may profit from humanity's suffering and torture.  As Charles Fort famously stated, "The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property."
  2. Mimics/thespians : alien visitation is a form of alien theatre.  Absurd encounters in desolate parts of the globe, random lights that play in the night sky, etc are a form of distraction.  The UFO event is designed to conceal some unknown true purpose, nature and origin, which could include (but not be limited to) the military/industrial complex, fraudulent occult forces, and biological or spiritual enterprises.
  3. Scanners : an interesting theory that assumes that the visitors exist outside of our time space continuum and are scanning earth's long term history much like a dvr playback.  The observers are fast forwarding through our long term progression, and occasionally slowing the dvd playback down or place it on pause when some event or situation has peaked the observer's curiosity.  The alien visitors have no interest in our present period, except to how it fits the overall progression of earth.  They could be very well looking for some person, place or event that is a mystery to them.
  4. Tulpas : as Barker states, tulpas are "living, temporal thought forms with independent existence and will, created by human minds."  Dipping into the world of Jung and the collective unconsciousness, UFOs are a product of permanent thought forms generated by science fiction writing of the late 19th/early 20th century and the unintentional result of tens of thousands of readers intensely concentrating on the idea of alien visitation over many decades of times. More radical yet, UFOs could be attributed to a super genius who dreams or daydreams, or even has nightmares about alien visitation.
  5. Control Mechanism : the UFO phenomenon is a manifestation of a single alien intelligence.  The intelligence can materialize energy and matter into UFO crews and objects in the sky as some form of an operating control system on humanity.  Perhaps a PKD Vallis type system, this intelligence is purporting alien visitation to the masses to fit some unknown end game.

The last theory Barker touches on and that I think is absolutely correct involves reality warps.  Barker theorizes the work of the US military in the 20th century regarding teleportation, atomic weaponry, and invisibility has opened our reality to multiple realities, and UFOs are a byproduct of an unstable reality. I think this hypothesis touches on more than the teleportation of US Naval warships and suddenly points into the direction of Gnostic thought, Archons, and a constructed, fabricated reality that is designed to keep us away from light and gnosis. I'd love to write about this more, but i'll save that for another day, dear reader.

At the end of the day, the UFO phenomenon is still as obscure as it was thousands of years ago.  A combination of many different theories likely points to a solution, but when or if that ever happens, I would not garner a guess.  I believe that the question of UFO visitation will never be solved; I do believe UFOs will, however, continue to be seen, their crews encountered, and that UFOs will continue to be dismissed by mainstream academia and media.  Perhaps all of these given facts are by design.

Thoughts? comments?  Let me know!   

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