Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blundering in Where Angels Might be Terrorized

One of the best list of UFO related axioms I have ever read comes from Trevor James Constable and his work "The Cosmic Pulse of Life".  Among the list, Constable's working hypothesis regarding UFOs includes:

  • UFOs are spaceships, but their vibratory makeup is not fixed in the physical material density; they are mutants
  • UFOs have their main existence in a density that is invisible to human beings of normal vision
  • There are normally invisible living things in space that are not spaceships
  • Space is filled with primary energy currents of which existing earth science knows nothing
  • Infrared film, exposed between dawn and sunrise in high, drive locales will frequently objectify invisible objects of various kinds living in a passing through the atmosphere
I'm still not quite through the book, but I continue to find Constable's work absolutely fascinating.  His approach and exercises continue to be amazing (although I have yet to attempt to burst a cloud).  Of course, having a western scientific minded approach to such things begs the question : wouldn't it be excellent to have an area of the globe that etheric and orgone experiments could be held with complete experiment objectivity?  Well, I believe such a place may indeed exist : Hoia Baciu Forest in the country of Romania.

Again, Ghost Adventures provides some very synchronous experiences in respect to the life of this blogger. On their recent Halloween special, the trio traveled to Romania to investigate the locales of the Vlad the Impaler, but more interestingly, decided to investigate Hoia Baciu Forest.  During the show, images photographed by 1960's Romanian military technicians were displayed; a couple of the images immediately struck me as being of the "sky critter" origin.  The group even encountered and replayed a famous Keelian orb; a sphere that changed in size, changed colors, and then disappeared from view.  The orb was luminescent enough to bounce light off of nearby trees and branches.  

Of more interest is another paranormal "reality" show's experience in Hoia Baciu.  The SYFY show Destination Truth also encountered bizarre lights in the tree line, as well as a frightening encounter with an invisible force that literally knocked an investigator backwards.  Quite an episode; I remember the cast looking quite disturbed when investigating the area.

So where does that leave the discussion?  Could it all be hoaxed?  Of course it could all be fake.  However, I would highly recommend readers to watch both the Destination Truth episode and the Ghost Adventures episode for starters.  I would also recommend readers to look at the photographs of Emil Barnea and Florin Gheorghita on the web.  And without a doubt, please read the works of Meade Layne and Constable.  I have no doubt (again, just my theory; I don't have proof) that the energy behind the occult and the ufo phenomenon are one in the same.

Should this author have the opportunity to win the lottery, I will most certainly put a call to volunteers to assist with the purchase of equipment, the design of experiments, and to travel with me to perform a legitimate study of the Hoia Baciu Forest.  Don't expect a Nobel Prize, but the work would no doubt peel a layer away to the true realities around us all.  

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