Monday, May 27, 2013

The Cycle of the Lycanthrope

One of the my most favorite things about living in the state of Wisconsin is the unknown and rich history of werewolf sightings in the state.  And by werewolf, I literally mean human beings who transform into wolf like creatures that run on four legs and run amok during times of the full moon; creatures that are significantly larger than a typical wolf found in the wilderness and have left many witnesses shaken about the nature of reality.  A fascinating read, Real Wolfmen by Linda Godfrey (highly recommended to all, as are all of her books) brings many contemporary encounters to light, as well as discussing the many sides of the enigma, including both Native American and John Keel -ian possibilities to lycanthrope origins

On a parallel note, another favorite thing in my life is the trading of stocks.  I came upon an article from one of the the many various blogs I read online that focused on buying and selling the S&P 500 on the lunar cycle.  The system is simple; buy at the close of the trading day on the day of the full moon (or should the full moon occur on a weekend night, buy that Friday proceeding the full moon), and sell at the close of the day of the new moon.  That's it.  Had one followed this system in 2012, one would have made 13% on their money (vs a buy and hold strategy that would have generated 12% returns in 2012).  I would recommend the Randall Ashbourne website "The Idiot and the Moon" for further reading.

I have no idea why I've been obsessed with the werewolf of late again; it could very well be an off chance re watching of "An American Werewolf in London", or the recent discovery of Netflix's "Hemlock Grove", or even the reading of the Linda Godfrey's book.  And unlike many of my neighbors in the state of Wisconsin, I can not claim to a) be a werewolf or b) witnessed a werewolf esque creature.  Yet like the nature of the beast, I can now partake in the lunar cycle, be in tune with lunar cycle, and hopefully make a bit of money over time.  Let's hope the whole "eternal damnation/cursed/eating roadkill" thing is not part of this experiment.

As a a disclaimer, I did purchase share of UPRO on May 24th 2013 at $136.55 / share.  I would insert the  howl from "An American Werewolf in London" at this point, but my blogging expertise in not where it should likely be.

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