Sunday, December 16, 2012

On the End of the World

Only a few days from the end of the world, and we all sit in anticipation.

It is easy to think the end is near; humanity has hit its climax with kindergartener shootings, mall shootings, and other senseless violence that makes no sense.  I agree that it all is senseless; but I don't agree that the "demons are set loose on the world".  Yes, dark days are here, but it is too simplistic to to feel that all of this will lead up to the end of it all.

I live about 30 miles north  from the infamous 19th century Battle of Bad Axe. The "battle", in all sense of the world, was nothing more than a massacre.  The Native American Chief Black Hawk and his people (his people being women and children) were gunned down by the US military while fleeing across the Mississippi River in desperation to live life.  And the term "gunned down" would be too simplisitic of a theme; essentially government paid men shot in cold blood down and ran through women and children while aboard a river boat on the grand old missipp'.  Savages were murdered at the behest of progress.  Innocent children were murdered at the behest of a nation wanting blood.

I would argue that humanity has always "sucked"; today's headlines do make one wonder about the future of our kind, but to think that inhumane violence is at an apex is absurd.  I would vote that all of us will see Dec 22 2012; if there would be more books and media attention to the idea that humanity would change for the better upon the "day the world ends", there might be some hope for change; however, we all know that meme will not sell.  What will continue to sell is doubt and hopelessness about humanity's future; I would argue that mindset is what continues to keep us chained to a fear mongering profit.  And ultimately, that is all that matters.

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