Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Paradigm of Etheria

As noted on previous entries of this blog, I do have an incredible interest in the field of UFOlogy.  And why shouldn't I?  The idea of observed objects in the sky that appear, disappear, change colors, and change shapes over the course of human history should appeal to all of us.  Gods, angels, demons, airships and spacecraft have been with humanity since the beginning of written history; UFOs, I can only surmise, have been with us since the beginning of time.

Having read the many theories about the origin of UFOs, whether it be time travelers, elementals, cryptoterrestrials, evolved dinosaurs, and of course, extraterrestrial aliens (ancient and/or otherwise), I recently came across a "new idea" of Ether ships in John Keel's Operation Trojan Horse.  I immediately became hooked; the idea of an invisible world and invisible creatures around us that Meade Layne first theorized about prior to the famous Kenneth Arnold "Flying Saucers" event in 1947 carried an immediate and intuitive impression to me.  Today, I finally received a first edition of Layne's Ether Ship Mystery pamphlet (courtesy of an Ebay auction) and decided to become a well read couch theorist of the Ether Ship paradigm.

Above is a picture of an alleged Ether Ship photographed near an infamous Reich Orgone Cloud Buster by the daughter of Etherian theorist Trevor Constable.  Do I plan on becoming an orgone collector in the coming weeks?  Probably not; I also do not plan on receiving any job promotions or community accolades for the coming research.  Yet I do feel, for whatever reason, Layne's work, as well as the work of other contributors to the idea "Etheria", provides a cornerstone to one of the greatest mysteries of the human age; our true reality.  Stay tuned for more.

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